This is my about page. I’m reminded of Full Metal Jacket and the “This is my rifle, and this is my gun” bit at boot camp, since I’m unable to do anything with my old blog (at least not where I currently have it set at), and I can’t move forward with WordPress, because I need access to a *SQL server, that supposedly I could have, but I ask, and I never get it. Time to change hosting, even though it is free. 😦

At any rate, I’m a father, alpha geek, and sometimes consultant, in that order. Living in the Jacksonville area.

I’m an INTP (defined), and have joined two mailing lists, one formerly from the original email server, and the other, a second, less active list. Yahoo also has a group called [INTP-Type]. I had been on that, but I took myself off. Just too weird.

Politically, I’m left leaning, libertarian leaning, somewhere in the middle, I think. Although I get accused of being a raging liberal on the mailing lists.


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