As somebody who uses the product on a regular basis, heavily modified (still, after losing a bunch of modifications from “upgrades” to the thing), I have to say I’m getting a bit tired of Mozilla fucking over the users.

I’ve written comments on about some of the issues that I see with Mozilla.

This won’t end well (the link has the link to the original Slashdot article…)

I’m already seeing erosion of extensions just because of the changes that are being made in Firefox, and developers’ are getting tired of fixing the breakage. Forecast Fox, a nice weather bar suffered from losing the default status bar. OK, there are ways to get it back, but now you have an extension that requires other extensions to work. Then…

Yep, they’re pissing off the authors who write extensions.  Now, they are going to have to be signed by Mozilla to be installed.  Evidently if you use Nightly, or perhaps even Beta, that won’t be enforced, so you’ll be able to “test” your extensions on those browsers.  But if you’re creating your own, now you will have to have a different browser just to get it installed and working.  I guess, but I don’t think it’s the way to go. :/

In another article about Mozilla’s falling user share, I wrote this one. One of it’s problems (sorry about the incorrect it’s…, and the link to the article is in the link, I’m not about to go linking to links that are easily found. :P)

The destruction of it’s ecosystem.

Too many choices have been made to simplify Firefox when maybe they should have done a bit more spelunking to see what the users were actually using.

Taking away the status bar. Yeah, there are multiple extensions to get that back, the trouble being that they aren’t the original status bar and some of the extensions that I use expect the old status bar, not the extension status bar. Update that extension? Well, the person writing that extension has thrown in the towel. When other issues cropped up, somebody else did come along and fix the issues, but the original programmer can come around and kill it because it’s still technically his copyright. Yeah, he didn’t GPL or put any other kind of license on it. So, it might exist today, but tomorrow it won’t.

Making Firefox look like Chrome is just stupid in my book. There was zero reason to change it. Talk about getting the desktop to look like the mobile is pure crap. They are different environments. What works on a phone or tablet doesn’t necessarily mean that it works on the desktop, even Microsoft has figured that part out with Windows 10 coming out now. Extremely obvious to me, so I must be a genius. Or not.

They have changed things such that old themes no longer work. The old personas, which I guess are now considered to be theme extensions, seem to be the only new themes actually getting developed. And they’re ugly.

Their mobile push (for Firefox OS) was interesting, but again, desktop seemed to suffer again because of it. They started actually pushing a 64-bit version of Firefox on their Nightly page. Then decided that tracking those bugs specific to it might be too much, so they decided to stop it, then after an outcry, decided to keep doing the 64-bit builds, but if you had a problem, don’t bother filling a bug for it unless it also happened on the 32-bit version. And then they decided to back track on that as well. You just can’t find the 64-bit version on the Nightly page anymore. But it can be found, at least.

I run the 64 and 32 bit Nightlies, release and beta versions. And they work for me. At least for now.

I don’t like IE. Chrome works. I’m just not sure I want Google tracking me that much.

And now, updates to the Nightlies aren’t working.  Why?  Oh, somebody saw a problem, and thought, “Oh, we’ll just send all these people to download from the CDN instead of our FTP server.”  OK, it sounds like a valid reason to change things, but somebody submitted a patch the same day that was accepted without actually understanding what those changes might mean, and now, Nightly updates are completely Fubar.  We have to download the patches (maybe, I don’t even know how to apply the .mar patches) or download the installer (50MB everyday, baby!).  This doesn’t sound sane.  The bug is here. Bug 1146185

The bug causing that bug? Bug 1144985

Seriously, I’m just about ready to go off and tell the idiots (they aren’t really, but I think that the organization is losing sight of just what the hell is going on) that they need to revert the patch, now, and then actually do what the hell they should have done to begin with, and actually understood what the hell they were going to be changing, because it’s pretty clear, they had no idea.  Maybe I should be a little more patient. But I don’t think they understand just how pissed off some of their users are getting. I’m certainly getting there, and I usually consider myself to be quite patient.

They have made some bad bets, as far as I’m concerned. They have gone running after the mobile area a bit too fast. I understand that they thought that they could get a browser on a phone that would also work as its operating system. I’m not sure what that gets them, let alone anybody else. Especially when they didn’t, and still don’t, have a good hardware partner that can actually help show their stuff off. The started to push 64-bit software on Windows, and then decided that it wasn’t worth it, and have been awkardly walking that back a bit, but not entirely. I am extremely disappointed in Mozilla.

Maybe Windows 10 and Spartan will be the way to go. We’ll see. I wonder when we’ll see Spartan out on the Preview. :/