Dude! /Bill & Ted

I have modified my Links to Monitor in a way that is pleasing to my eye.

I have figured out how to center the heading over the maximum length of my stuff (hand calculated right now, but oh well) instead of centering over the whole window.

It took some JavaScript to do it, and it looks like this:

var wanted = 1070, winw;
if (window.innerWidth && window.innerHeight) {
winW = window.innerWidth;
if (winW < wanted) { wanted = winW; }
document.writeln('<div style="width:' + wanted + 'px">');

Which basically makes the maximum width to be 1070 pixels for the header stuff.  And if there is no javascript, I just put up a dummy <div> to match up with the </div> that is buried elsewhere.

It’s probably absolutely ridiculous for most web slingers, but I like this.  I have really been thinking about how to get it to look like this for awhile, I’m glad I came up with a way that I was able to incorporate in less than 30 minutes.  And most of those 30 minutes were recovering from the crash that I was forcing Firefox to go through (for some unknown reason, I sent debug reports…) in search of a way to get what I wanted.

I may have to adjust the pixel amount every now and then, but at least, if anything, it’s at least close to what it should be!