Let me state this up front.  Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been one of the worse beta experiences from Microsoft that I have experienced.  This from somebody who has beta’ed Windows 95 and Windows 7.

I’m pretty much ignoring the Metro UI.  That still needs a lot of work, especially for keyboard and mouse.  What would work by touch isn’t even close to be replicated by the mouse, and I think that this is a problem.

Unfortunately, just working with the desktop can be infuriating.

Programs tend to stop working, and it’s certainly not the hardware, not when I can move the mouse and interact with other programs, at least for awhile.  I give up, and I hit the reset switch.

Installing programs test the patience of Job.  I installed the latest Ultraedit 32.  It seems to do nothing, but on the second try, I just let it sit there.  Eventually, itDID install.  Now why did it take half an hour?  Same thing with the drivers for my printer.  Which didn’t even work after it was done.

I tried to make a Windows to Go on a USB hard drive.  The instructions for that fail for me.

In fact, after already installing one new video driver, MS decided to push another video driver on me. The same day!  The second time, it failed.  Bad download? At 150mb, I sure hope not!

I’m seriously thinking about just going back to Windows 7, and leaving it at that.  At least most of my PowerShell programs seem to be working under V3.  One wasn’t working, because I didn’t dispose of an object when I should have, which under V2 was fine, but not V3 has issues, which is fine, I shouldn’t have done what I did.  And it now works as it is supposed to.

I’ve seen my system reboot in the single digits of minutes.  I’ve seen it take half an hour.  I really do not believe that it’s my (new) hardware that is at fault.

Microsoft really needs to issue an update I think, if they want this to be a success.  There just are simply too many bugs.

Oh, the problem with the video driver not installing?  I’m given a link, which says it’s deprecated, and to go any further, I have to have a company account.  WTF Microsoft!

Also a problem, it should be a one click decision to put things like graphic, video and music files under Metro or under the usual suspects in the desktop world.

Update: It most certainly was hardware that was the trouble.  I had a hard drive that was failing.  Not that SMART disk could tell me much about any issues the hard drive was having, but yes, there was little doubt that the hard drive was falling over.  Of course, that was after I replaced the motherboard, since the previous motherboard wouldn’t even get to POST.  And what I found out later after going back to Windows 7 (which I’m currently running as I update this in April 2014) was that the support chip in my new motherboard was problematic with Windows 8 CP.  Release was fine, but they never released an update to CP to fix the problem with that support chip.  Also, you had to be running Windows 8 Enterprise to get Windows to Go.