September 2011

Installed on a VM last night.

I’m not digging the Metro UI right now. It’s built for touch, but trying to deal with a mouse without touch just doesn’t quite work for me. Of course, I have a trackball, not a mouse, so it may even be less intuitive that way. After Windows 7 and Windows XP and Windows 2003, I expect something to happen when I right click something. I understand you really can’t right click in a touch system, but it’s been so engrained in Windows users that you would think that there was some kind of transition, at least.

Pressing the Start button or pressing the Windows key goes straight to the Metro GUI. I think it’s a bit too jarring myself.

If they keep it the way it currently is, it’s going to be a tougher transition than even going from XP to Vista or 7.

I have a machine I might use as a real test machine.


Took care of a sample post done here (I’ll right about it later, when we get the site up). We’ll be using WordPress ourselves.

I’ve also been cleaning up my links that I monitor. One site that I had under my Monthly banner hadn’t been updated in five years according to the archives. A couple other sites had simply disappeared or were returning 403(!) errors. I’ve also got a few that are currently down, but I’ll keep an eye on those.