Already run Xmarks.  I thought Google Bookmarks had gone like the dodo as well.  I don’t want them tied to a specific browser or machine, and I don’t want to install something that requires I install anything to use it, if I’m at a friends/kids/library.  Because I can’t even guarantee that it will be Windows based.

OK, Google Bookmarks is still around.  But it looks like I need to import everything into Firefox, install the Google Toolbar (yuch), and then import them that way.  And then hopefully don’t strip them away when I do get rid of them in Firefox.  It really doesn’t look Google has done much with GB lately.

Ma.gnolia has entered read-only mode.  Netvous isn’t taking any new users (evidently from 2008, if their blog entry can be believed…)  I’m trying out  I’ve imported my Delicious, but they evidently are still crunching it, I’m still bookmarkless.  I just found out Furl has become Diigo.  That’s interesting. won’t even load right now (the one for the MySpace crowd evidently…)  And those are the ones listed by a four year article about social bookmarking.  The fifth was, duh, Delicious.

Evidently, I have a blinklist account, so I’ve uploaded my links there (although it’s still thinking about it…)  Blogmarks is relaunching, no new users, and I don’t have an account there.  Feedmelinks isn’t even a service anymore it appears, since it redirects to AdExchanger. is now a linkbait site.  Simpy is a page from Reuters.  Don’t ask, I haven’t a clue.  Spurl (which I had an account at one time I’m sure) isn’t loading.  Jots just says "Hello world". (it’s not even HTML, it’s text).  Wink is now a person search, not a bookmark search.  And the Yahoo!  My Web was shut over two years ago.  Their current offering of is showing a copyright of 2009.  It also has issues importing my Delicious, although do I really expect Yahoo! Bookmarks to stay around as well.  Nope.

I’ve four more via Wikipedia (at least those that load are are what I’m looking for…).  That one might be a bit too much for what I want.  As it’s name suggests, you can annotate the web page, and it will keep the annotation, the HTML and CSS code.  Bringing a 1TW laser to a knife fight.  Faves appears to be what Bluedot actually is (which might explain why it resolves but doesn’t load, although I think I’d do a redirect, unless they’ve got some nasty bots doing things with the domain, and keeping the domain active means the bots don’t find something else to do…)  Mister Wong, a German site (in English and other languages…).  And Evri. 

And yes, I’m babbling.  I figure others here might find the info worthwhile.  I’d blog it if…  I’ll put this up on my WordPress blog at least.

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 6:03 PM, Mr Jones <> wrote:
> Xmarks, Google Bookmarks, no shortage of services available.
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> It’s a bookmarking service.  Bookmarks in the cloud you could say.